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Granite is an exquisite natural mineral derived from slowly cooled and pressurized volcanic rock from all over the world. This makes it one of the hardest stones available and perfect for the everyday usage of a busy kitchen benchtop in terms of its durability and agelessness. 
Components of granite stone are varying proportions of minerals which include Feldspar, mica and quartz in the main. These minerals provide the color components in each batch of granite. The unique formation of granite stone means that every batch of granite removed from the earth will be different to that of the last. Therefore each and every benchtop will be unique in its own right.
Granite is definitely the product for you if uniqueness is what you seek, no two benchtops will be the same.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions or Granite Care and Maintence

Engineered Stone
Engineered stone is a man made product that is as durable and hard wearing as granite and is composed of 93% quartz and crushed granite. The remaining 7% is made up of additives, mainly resin that binds the crushed stone together to give you a uniform finish.
Engineered stone is becoming a predominant stone in today’s market primarily as it will give you the uniformity you seek without the variations and veins that granite has, whilst still giving you the luxurious properties and durability that you are afforded with granite.
There is wide range of color options to suit your need and fabrication of an engineered stone bench is identical to that of a granite bench top.

Our engineered Stone is available from Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz and Diamondstone - click on these links to go to the applicable website for colour charts.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions or Engineered Stone Care & Maintenance

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