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Cooking with Granite at Home

Other Services

Cooking with Granite
For the Chef in you - we can provide small slabs of granite for a Hot Rock Cooking experience!

Granite Direct
Cooking with Granite
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Granite Inserts and Table Runners
Granite Inserts for Tables & Benches.
Granite outside Tables
Granite inserts for BBQ's
We can supply these Direct to you

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Granite Workshop
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Engraved Granite
Engraved Granite Plaque
Maintenance of your Granite
We recommend you have your tops re-sealed on an annual basis, this is a very simple process that we can either take care of for you or provide you with the sealer to apply yourself.
Engraved Plaques
Do you need an Engraved plaque?
For the Office?
Memorial plaque?
We can supply these Direct to you.
Granite Insert
Diamonstone Kitchen
Kitchen Creators
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